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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

(script ある)VV News: 日本はより多くの子供が必要 - Getting the men to help out is key!!!

It's about babies today, and how Japan can have more of them. It's all about making it easier for the men to help, as we all know - 'happy wife = happy life'.
Here's a bit of taste of the script. Listen first and write down what I say, then check against the script. Great listening practice. Members have the whole script in their inbox. 

Good morning, and welcome to Vocab Voyage News for today. It's Tuesday. I've had a haircut. I've got some new specs. 
The third topic for the month is, Japan needs more babies. Last month we talked about  everyone getting old, this month we're talking about how we need more babies. 
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So, declining birthrate, everyone's getting old, no-one's having babies; what is the answer? It seems that they are finally figuring out that  men are the answer. Well, not men are the answer exactly, but getting men into the  game. Getting men into the baby game is the answer, because if men help, women are  more ... You know, you can't unload everything on the mum. It's not how it works. So  what are they going to do?
The government says, 'We've got an objective to raise the level of parental leave that  men take,and also the amount of housework they do.' How they are going to raise the  amount of housework that men do I do not know. Anyway, the government says this is  essential. They've got objectives. Here are their objectives. 
They want to get the current male parental leave up to from its current level of 2% to  13%. They want to put the average housework from one hour a day to two and half hours a day. A day? Yeah, that's what it says. That's in a week isn't it. How much housework  do you do? I think walking the dog is housework, I'm in the garden, maybe. But I don't  have kids. If I had kids I imagine I'd well do that. Two and a half hours a day. 

The Japan needs Babies Youtube Vocab clip will help you out with the vocab surrounding this troubling issue.

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