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Saturday, 9 May 2015

(script inc) VV News: 東京 Disaster Prevention - Rinkai Park, Refuge Parks, Christchurch and 東北 comparison

If are interested in today's VV News, why not watch the Tokyo Disaster Prevention Vocab clip. I run through 30 words from a story about designs for disaster in Tokyo.

Members will get the script of today's news in their Inbox by tomorrow, and all the links to the articles and stuff. Meanwhile, here is the first story script, Enjoy.

Good afternoon, and welcome to Vocab Voyage news for today - Saturday, the 9th May.
I've just finished a lovely miso ramen cooked by my lovely wife. I love miso ramen.
Today the news is on disaster prevention. It's one of the subjects for the month. If you want to check out all the vocab and get transcripts of this, and everything and a whole lot more - have a free month and check it out. Find out how you can learn heaps of new vocab, in context. With me. 
First story, preparing for disaster in Tokyo. This is something I didn't know existed - the Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park. Some reporters went along and they'vd got like a disaster prevention ride, if you wish. You start in an elevator, you're going down an eleveator and then there's an earthquake and the elevator stops. You've got to get out, and you find yourself in a dark hall. You've got to find your way outside and then you go into a wrecked city and you've got to, the key is you've got to survive for 72 hours which is what they say, after a big disaster it's 72 hours till help comes. I'm no so sure about that in somewhere like Tokyo. 
Here's the figures. If a 7.3 earthquake hit bang under Tokyo - 415,000 buildings on fire, 175,000 buildings collapsed, 23,000 people dead. 72 hours? I think it would take longer than that, but that's what the experts say. 72 hours you have to survive before help comes.
You see Japan is on four tectonic plates, so it's well disaster prone. 

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