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Friday, 1 May 2015

May Subject #1 - 羽生結弦

Our new website is up

Here is the Vocab YouTube clip for our first subject for May - Yuzuru Hanyu.
Enjoy the video. If you want to explore the Vocab and English further, have a free trial. Have a look below, and have a look at our website at

Thank you


If you take a free trial of Vocab Voyage, this is what you'll get:

-     the vocab lists for the month (English and Japanese, in same order as the                             YouTube clip)
-     the article the words came from. (again in the same order)
-     a test on the 15th of the month (same as the Questions I put up everyday, but all the             subject questions  at once)
-     answers to the test, and the vocab definitions of the three 'incorrect' words in                         English and Japanese
-     you can go on the private Facebook forum, or contact me directly with any questions

1 subject ¥400, all three subjects ¥990 (if you decide to continue after your absolutely free trial)