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Thursday, 9 April 2015

VV News: ミシェル・オバマ-Some script of the YouTube clip for you all

Three stories at VV News today. Two about Michelle Obama, one about Caroline Kennedy. I'm talking about why she was in Japan, why the American taxpayer is getting a bit fed up with her spending ways, and why it isn't ideal to be a U.S. Ambassador at present. 

Members who are studying Michelle Obama - the whole script is in your Inbox tomorrow. See if you can match up words from the Michelle Obama word list with words in the script. For the rest of you all, the first story script is below for your listening/reading pleasure.
Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Vocab Voyage News of the Day. We're talking 
about the last subject today - Michelle Obama, and her visit to Japan, which is admittedly 
kind of news not in the news anymore. 
Beautiful day here in Sapporo. The cold snap over the last two days seems to have gone, 
so it's lovely. 
Michelle Obama, she was in Tokyo and Japan to deliver an initiative called, 'Let Girls Learn.' It's about the 62 million girls around the world who don't have access to education through 
a number of reasons - there's financial, there is war-torn areas, there's ingrained beliefs from parents that sons are more worthy of education 
than girls. So it's getting rid of those old beliefs, and providing girls with more opportunities to get an education, because an education provides the girls with the power to make 
themselves better, and do a whole lot more. 
We've talked about this before with the water problems, where the girls have to go and get 
the water from the well in places like India; so they don't get an opportunity to go to school
because they've got to walk 10 kms, get water, and bring it back. 
So Michelle Obama was in Japan as part of that, to try and get girls a better shot at the 
education thing. 

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