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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

昨日の VV News with script (some for everyone, all for members) :日本の老人

Looking at Japan's Elderly today, and the issues the whole ageing population thing presents to Japan. Before you watch this, feel free to watch the Japan's Elderly Vocab Youtube clip. It you can get more connected with the whole story through the vocab and deeper study of the article I sent you. 

Members who are studying Japan's Elderly - the whole script has been mailed to you already. For the rest of you all, the first story script in all it's glory. Watch the YouTube clip above, and follow as I talk. 

Good morning, good morning. Welcome to Vocab Voyage news of the day. 
I had a fantastic weekend. Otaru Brewery -nice. 
I drank the beer I made some time ago, two months ago, and it was lovely. But now nose back to the 
Japanese old people - it's a demographic time bomb.  That is the word that is being thrown around 
about the Japanese aging population, but also about the Korean population, and also about the 
Chinese population, and also about many, many populations. 
By 2055, 40% of Japan's population will be over 65. Sixty years ago, 12 workers - 12 people in paid 
employment were supporting one elderly person. That was sixty years ago. Now you've got 2 to 3 in work supporting one elderly person, tax-wise and all that. In 2060 it will be 1 to 1. So something's gotta give. 130 million down to 90 million - that's what the population is going to 
do in Japan over the next 40 years.
So, what can we do? There's a couple of things with this aging population. You need more babies, we need more babies. Not everyone can have babies, but there are people who want babies who can't 
have babies; like the girl in the BBC clip - Midori Ide. She works at a rest home. She finishes that, she 
comes home and she looks after her grandmother. When her grandmother goes, her parents are going 
to be old, so she can't have babies because she's looking after the old people so it's coming from both directions man. It's coming from both directions where there's so many old people, but the young peoplecan't make more young people because they're busy looking after the old people .
We all know the solution could be immigration, but no-one wants to think about that. Immigration isn't a bad thing. New Zealand is a wonderful place with all 
the different people there now. 

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BBC (this one is a video)
Japan Times

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