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Friday, 3 April 2015

四月 subject #3 - Michelle Obama

Lovely, the third subject for April - Michelle Obama. Well not jut Michelle Obama, but more about her visit to Japan. Please do enjoy the YouTube clip. Watch it on a computer so you can see the example sentence subtitles!!!

All you members who are reading this, you of course already had the Michelle Obama Word List in your Inbox two days ago. All the words and definitions in English and 日本語。 Get studying, as your test is only 13 days away.

April is done and closed now. If you are keen for a free May trial, do go to our website. I gave a bit of an outline below too. 

If you take a free trial of Vocab Voyage, this is what you'll get:

-     the vocab lists for the month (English and Japanese, in same order as the                             YouTube clip)
-     the article the words came from. (again in the same order)
-     a test on the 15th of the month (same as the Questions I put up everyday, but all the             subject questions  at once)
-     answers to the test, and the vocab definitions of the three 'incorrect' words in                         English and Japanese
-     you can go on the private Facebook forum, or contact me directly with any questions

1 subject ¥400, all three subjects ¥990 (if you decide to continue after your absolutely free trial)