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Thursday, 12 March 2015


Today's question is from the UFO Word List, which is from January. It is still open to everyone, so have a look. Just click on the link.
If you are interested in trying a free subject trial month, just have a look at
It tells you how to apply. After a lot of feedback from our customers, I has been made known to me that everyone is too busy to study the three subjects a month. So we are changing things.
The website will be updated soon so show our new pricing plans. Previously it was 990 for three subjects. You can still do that if you wish., but now you can do just one subject for 400 yen. That is only 13 yen more than a grande 今日のコーヒー at Starbucks! What does that include? 
It includes this:

-     the vocab lists for the month (English and Japanese, in same order as the                             YouTube clip)
-     the article the words came from. (again in the same order)
-     a test on the 15th of the month (same as the Questions I put up everyday, but all the             subject questions  at once)
-     answers to the test, and the vocab definitions of the three 'incorrect' words in                         English and Japanese
-     you can go on the private Facebook forum, or contact me directly with any questions

Enough, the question:


a:The students were very competent, and their work was always of a high standard.
b:A good teacher is always consistent when disciplining his or her students.
c:A person is always contented when people appreciate what they have done.
d:The family always wanted to be consulted by their lawyer on many issues.