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Thursday, 26 March 2015

VV News Podcast: McDonalds - '24 hrs of joy'; complaining millenials; and Japan to have complaining App

Check out this episode! or search out Vocab Voyage on iTunes. If you have an Android, I am finding out what you can do, so bear with me.

I hope you enjoy my talk about some news I found on McDonald's.
Here are links to 24 hours of joy, Millennial's complaining, and the complaint app to tell you more about it. 

Don't forget to take your free trial in April. You can choose between Cherry Blossoms, Japan's Elderly people, and Michelle Obama. 
Have a  look at to apply. The site will be updated shortly to give you the choice of one subject. Either that, or email me straight at, and I can set it up for you. 

Thank you.