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Friday, 20 March 2015

03・20の質問- Hello Kitty のリストの最後

Today sees the last of the questions from the Hello Kitty word list. I released this list way back in October. It has 30 words in English, and Japanese. It's like a mini dictionary. Feel free to have a look at it before you try the question. The link at the top of the word list to the story I got the 30 words from, and it still works. The words are in the same order there, just like they are in the Hello Kitty Vocab YouTube clip, which is above.
To the question:


a:The man was sure to stick to his ideals even though he became rich and famous.
b:It is easy to identify people from some countries through their language and clothing.
c:When people immigrate to other countries, it is important for them to keep their identity.
d:The man presented his demands and requirements with great clarity.

One of the sentences is correct, three are not. As a member of Vocab Voyage, you receive the English and Japanese definitions of the three other words too. The test sentences then become example sentences. Nice. 

 If you want to know how to get on the Vocab Voyage full deal from April on, here's the deal:

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