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Monday, 9 March 2015


Above is the original vocab video for the Ken Takakura word list. This list came prior to March, so it's open for everyone forever. 

If you want to try out a free month of the New Lists, which includes:

-     the three vocab lists of the month (English and Japanese, in same order as the                      YouTube clip)
-     the article the words came from. (again in the same order
-     a test on the 15th of the month (same as the Questions I put up everyday, but 30 at               once)
-     answers to the test, and 90 more vocab definitions (of the three 'incorrect' words in               English and Japanese

Head over to . If you like what you get it's only 990 yen a month. Splendid!

Enjoy, then try the question.


a:The soles of his feet became hard and blistered after his marathon.
b:The man found solace in the company of his friends after his wife died.
c:The dead man's face was stiff and pallid as he lay on the bed.
d:The mud hardened and became solid as the sun shone on it.