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Friday, 13 March 2015

April's first subject has been decided, and it is Cherry Blossoms.

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After Miki suggested it to me, cherry blossoms are the first subject for April. 
Why not take this chance to use your month free trial and find out what Vocab Voyage is all about. What will you get for you month trial (and only ¥400 month after that)?
Let me tell you what you'll get:

-          A list of 30 words. These words are pulled out of a current news article. I post them in            the word list in the same order I find them in the article.
-          English definitions of all the words, as well as Japanese translations and definitions of            all the words.
-          A context based test halfway through the month to find out how well you have learnt              the words. You will be tested on 10 of the 30 words you got in the word list, but you                don't now which 10. Muhahaha. You have to learn them all.
-         A post test report, including 30 more words that were used in context in the test, of                 course along with Japanese translations and definitions.
-         Scripts of the Vocab Voyage News about your subject. Three transcripts a month                   (maybe four on occasion). I email these to you. 
-         The opportunity to communicate on the private forum, with any questions you may                  have.

All of that for only ¥400. Crikey. You can't even get a decent hamburger for that much money. 

Find out what we do at  Don't worry that it doesn't mention the ¥400 for one subject. If you ask, you get; and the website will be changing soon too.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, mail me at