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Sunday, 1 February 2015

札幌雪祭り - Vocab List/Youtube/Article/example sentences written and spoken

Welcome to February and the new subjects. The first one is Sapporo Snow Festival. It's all happening, and I'll have a whole bunch of photos up on the Vocab Voyage Facebook page a bit later on.
This month I am releasing the word lists, article links, and transcripts I do most days to everyone, but from next month on I am changing things a little to respect the people who are premium members of Vocab Voyage. I will explain everything a bit later on.

For now, enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival word list, the YouTube clip (same as above but here if the embed doesn't work), and the story I got the words from. It's at the top of the Word list PDF, but it's here too. 

Thank you for choosing to use Vocab Voyage, I hope it's useful;