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Monday, 5 January 2015


Above is the YouTube clip which follows this blog word for word. Listen then read. Read then listen.

Let's talk about Climate Change again as we haven't for a while now. It's still here, and it is changing the way some people live their lives. It isn't changing how everyone lives their lives, but that time will come.

Before we start talking, have a look at the Climate Change word list. Regular users will note that each word has it's own article. I don't know if all the links still work. It was the old style. The newer lists have one article with all the words. Listening is your thing? Have a watch/listen of the Climate Change YouTube clip.

Onto today's stories. The 13 dumbest things media said about Climate Change in the year just gone. Not surprisingly, Fox News is all through the list. If you want to see how useless Fox news can be, Google 'Shibuya Eggman Nuclear Plant'. Anyhow, some of the dumbest things include 'Carbon Dioxide is not a demon', 'Carbon Dioxide emissions lead to happy plants', and 'Only corrupt scientists believe in climate change'. Have a read, and have a laugh. Then have a think about the masses being fed this rubbish.

Nuclear power is bad? Only if it goes wrong. Coal power is bad all the time. It does nothing positive for the environment. Japan turning away from nuclear power to coal is putting it's climate change goals in jeopardy. Hang on, Japan hasn't declared any goals yet, much like Russia and India. China and the U.S. have plans in place.  So far, our only plan is  to increase coal generation capacity by up to 40%. Japan is doing great things with solar power, and advancing technology like they always do, but it is time to stop sitting on the fence when it comes to climate change.

Less snow in Japan. That is what the wise folk over at Japan Meteorological Agency are saying. Some areas of Japan will see perhaps 7 cm less a year annually. Some areas may get a metre less over the year. Hooray says those who have to shovel the stuff off their doorstep. Oh no! says the agriculture industry that relies on the water from melting snow and the ski industry. I note that some parts of Hokkaido will get more snow, so more snow clearing exercise for me maybe.