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Thursday, 1 January 2015


This blog is transcribed from the YouTube clip above. Listen to me talking and follow through the article.

Happy New Year to you all. I am ok this morning as I didn't go out last night. I must be getting old or something.

The new month is upon us, so I am very happy to release January's first subject - which is Ken Takakura.

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The Ken Takakura word list has the 30 words, with the link at the top to the article I got the words from. Just to let you know, from March the words lists will only be available to premium customers. Pop over to to find out how to join so you don't miss out.

Big news on the YouTube front. The Ken Takakura YouTube, as well as the other two new subjects has me saying an example sentence for each word. This sentence is subtitled at the bottom. You can't see it on an iPhone. That's Apple, not me. Again in the same order as the list and the article.

Onto the stories for the day. First up is a short article about an art gallery in Tokushima which was running an exhibition of Ken Takakura's film posters.  The museum has about 10,000 posters, and they chose 30 of them to remember Ken Takakura by. Guests could also write their condolences in visitors book. I use 'could also write' as the exhibition was very short, and has finished already.

For 30 years he visited prisons throughout Japan to try and inspire the inmates to choose a better path. He would give speeches in front of all the inmates. No-one ever knew about it, as Takakura did it under the condition that it would never be publicized while he was alive. As he has passed, we find out what an inspiration to those less fortunate he was. Big ups to him.

The final article is a 'roll call' of famous people who left us in 2014.  It has a list of people including Robin Williams, Joe Cocker, Ariel Sharon etc. You kind of forget, and lists like this remind you. I didn't know a lot of people on the list, but there you go.

Thank you, have a nice day. And have a great year.