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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Try listening to what I say on the YouTube clip and writing it down. Then check below, as it is the same word for word (pretty much). This is one of the things my wife does to practice (with the news on her iPhone), and she is scoring 800 in TOEIC.

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On the 28th December I commented that I wouldn't be talking about the McDonald's meat scandal again most probably as it was all getting a bit old. I remember saying, 'maybe not until next time it happens.' Well have a look at the old Meat Scandal YouTube clip and Word list, cause it has happened again.

I am sure you have seen it on T.V., and now press all over the world is printing stories about the plastic found in a chicken nugget. This happened twice apparently, once in Tokyo, and once in Aomori of all places. The restaurant in Tokyo was in Koto Ward. A staff member at the restaurant 'lost the piece of plastic', and it was only reported to McHeadquarters five days later. We of cause all saw the piece of plastic in the Aomori McNugget as we got shown it 1000 times on T.V. (Japanese T.V. loves multiple replays of the same thing, don't you think). The nuggets were from a factory in Thailand where McD's switched production to after the debacle in China we remember from last year. Personally, I think everyone hates on McD's a bit too much. This story is all over the world now, and I reckon - although not perfect - it isn't really that big of a deal.

On that note, let's have a story about McDonald's going the extra mile. It was kind of big news a couple of weeks ago that McD's were running out of fries on account of striking port workers on the west coast of the U.S. So the large and medium fries were gone from the menu, and you could only get one small pack. McDonald's weren't having any of that, so they airlifted and shipped fries from the East coast of the U.S. That way no-one has to miss out.  Of course it begs the question - why don't they use Japanese potatoes?

Finally, there is more potato based trouble in the world. This time in my home country of New Zealand. They might experience a shortage of potato chips (in a packet, crunchy), and chips (fried potato in Japan), as the harvest of potatoes was well  below average.