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Thursday, 8 January 2015


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Welcome to the blog for the day. It was an awful, awful night yesterday. Wind and snow and noise, and I was all snug in my futon so it wasn't so bad.

Things have been developing in the Air Asia tragedy. Before you start reading the articles below, have a look at the Malaysian Airlines Word List and YouTube, as the vocab is much the same between them. It's an old list, so every word has an article, not like the new, easy to handle lists.

Let's start then. TIME magazine reports that the tail of the plane has been found. Remember that the weather was apparently very bad, the pilot asked if he could ascend a few thousand feet, and then disappeared. Well, since they have found the tail, they may be close to finding the Black Box (flight data recorder). If they can get their hands on that, then they can maybe find out what happened. That is what they are still doing in the South Indian sea with MH370, although that job is proving perhaps impossible. When are they going to get data recorders that stream into a land computer or cloud or something. Seriously, the technology is there. Use it.

The Indonesian government is planning on banning or restricting the super budget fares that airlines offer now. There thinking is that by increasing the minimum fare, airlines will have more money to carry out maintenance. This is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction I think. There has been one crash with this airline, and the cause is still unknown. The people of Indonesia aren't happy either, as so many of them fly around for work in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Finally in this story you have pilots offering support for the pilot of the Air Asia flight. There has been the expected fingers pointed an him about the crash, and other pilots question how ordinary people become aviation experts overnight. They make a good point.

Finally, why did the Air Asia plane go down? The Telegraph has a list of the top five theories.
Two of them involve the plane stalling, maybe the engines were iced up and damaged, maybe the maintenance wasn't of a high enough level, and then of course maybe it was a bomb or explosion.