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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Remember that his blog is transcribed from the YouTube clip above so you can read and listen and learn. The Hong Kong Protests word list will give you heaps of vocab about the protests, and the Hong Kong Protests YouTube clip gives you a verbal explanation of the words in the same order. Also, at the top of the PDF there is a link to the story which I got the 30 words from, again in the same order. How easy to learn!

But onto today. It seems that the Umbrella movement is all over (for now). Remember they were all protesting about China screening all the applicants for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and demanded that Leung Chun-ying resign immediately. Leung Chun-ying refused to listen to a word the students said, waited them out, and then shut them down. Crisis averted, and it seems that the big boy in Beijing is happy with his man. He reckons he is doing great at raising everybody's standard of living, promoting political reform, and bringing economic development. The final thing he said, which you have to wonder about is - "he hoped that people from all walks of life in Hong Kong would “achieve a common understanding” and preserve social stability". You just have to wonder what the common understanding is?

Now the Hong Kong police weren't born yesterday, so they are well aware that New Year's Eve could provide an opportunity for the students to get into their protesting game again. And they aren't having any of it. They are going to be out in force to sort out the wheat from the chaff - or the revellers from the protesters. They have got 3000 police on duty, including the heavies from the anti-triad squad.  They simply say that "Any unlawful activity, such as obstructing the flow of traffic, would be met with necessary and "resolute action". Basically, if people start sitting down on the footpath to obstruct people going shopping and watching the fireworks, they will be given a quick hurry up. I wonder what it will come to.

Now if it is too much trouble to go protesting in the street, a bloke by the name of Stephen Thompson has set up an 'Occupy Hotel' his apartment.  He has a replica of the protest site set up. People can pay a little cash and stay in a tent in the lounge. There is a cut out of Xi Jinping holding a yellow umbrella (the symbol of the protests). Finally - when nature calls - guests of the hotel can use toilet paper with the face of the Leung Chun-ying on it. That last one is quite a statement.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening and learning. Have a good day.