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Sunday, 28 December 2014


Remember that this blog is transcribed from the YouTube clip above, so practice your listening and reading, and if there is anything you don't understand, ask me in the comments below. Cool.

We haven't looked at the Chinese meat scandal for a while. It's a bit old now, so this will probably be the last time I talk about it (until next time). We all remember the meat being dropped on the floor, the relabeled packages, the expired meat, everyone saying they were never going to McDs again. Don' t forget it was also KFC, which is the subject of two of the articles today. I remember going to KFC in China every couple of weeks when I wanted some western style food.

There was what happened above, and this other thing that was going on about the same time. There are areas of Brazil that have been hit by mad-cow disease. China obviously hadn't allowed the import of beef from Brazil since 2012. That didn't stop some devious folk from getting the stuff in and selling it. The companies would sell bona fide Chinese meat at the markets, and they kept the cheap Brazilian stuff in hidden freezers. If a butcher wanted a cheap deal they would deliver the Brazilian stuff. It was all labeled in English, so the customers couldn't read it. There are a bunch of other nasty stories at the bottom.

As a result, Yum Brands - owner of KFC and Taco Bell in China - warn that things may not pick up again so quickly for them. In fact they are talking about 'growth in negative single digits' for the next year. I'm not sure how that works. Growth in negative digits surely means a fall? They reckon it will be all rosy by the end of 2015. 700 new stores, and 130 stores getting a facelift. They have nice plants, bigger tables, cool posters. Going for the 'upmarket dining experience' thing.

In another step to get back the love of the customers, KFC is inviting customers to take tours of it's kitchens and factories to see just how good it is, and just how much they care about safety, cleanliness, and control. Around the world in fact, fast food companies are opening up their operations to show the customer that they are, in face, good guys after all. Remember the guy from Mythbusters doing a gig for McD's? I hope he got paid well, cause he lost all his credibility.

Thank you, have a good day. I have to go and move all the snow from outside our house.