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Saturday, 27 December 2014


Here we go with today's blog. It's about food, so the Food Word List and YouTube clip may be worth checking out before you start. This blog is of course transcribed straight from the YouTube clip above. (actually the blog came first and I read off it for the YouTube clip). You can read and listen and check for understanding and go and read Food related news using your new-found vocab prowess. But enough. Let us begin.

First up today. Do you like meat? You know it comes from animals of course. Here is a prank that was apparently in Brazil. People were offered some beautiful tasting sausages in a supermarket, but what happened to them afterwards bought the whole concept of meat straight home to them. I grew up in rural New Zealand. While I never lived on a farm, I am well aware of how animals are slaughtered so we can eat their yummy meat. Many people aren't though, and although this YouTube clip is a bit silly, it kind of brings the whole animal killing thing a bit close to home for some people.

Food is always big news as it is essential for us to keep on living. The big issues in the food industry in the United States this year. A lot of them can be seen in many countries. 
What were they? Let's look.
1.  Gluten or no gluten. Gluten is the stuff that makes dough stretchy, and it can make many people quite sick. But many others are going gluten-free without any reason - which experts suspect may not be a good idea.
2. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Yes or No? It could be the solution to world hunger and many unhealthy aspects of eating, but is it alright?
3. What children are being fed in schools. Quality or cost? That is the question.
4. Wages - everyone wants their fast food as cheap as possible, and that is impacting on wages of staff at burger joints etc. And they are getting sick of it and protesting.

Finally, I know, and you know that Japan is famous around the world for coming up with stuff that is just a little bit strange. Especially when it comes to food. This article talks about the really 'disgusting' food combinations in Japan. It kicks off with takuan and mayonnaise bread, and carries on with curry and melon bread. At the bottom of the article is a link to another story at the bottom suggesting that melon and mayonnaise actually goes ok together.