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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


This blog is a transcript of the YouTube clip above. It is almost exactly the same.  I also have a new microphone. I would love some feedback as to whether it is easier to hear me. Just pop a comment in the comment box. Cheers.

I was told by my wife this morning that the real Masan died today or yesterday. So sad. He made whisky such a big thing in Japan, and he didn't get to see the end of the show about him. R.I.P

We are talking soccer today. Before you start, have a look at the World Cup Soccer word list and YouTube clip to get some soccer vocab going on.

The FIFA Soccer Club World Cup has just finished. It was played in Morocco, and the final saw Real Madrid of Spain beat San Lorenzo of Argentina 2-0.
Unfortunately no Japanese club team made it to the final stages. The highest ranked Japanese club team is Kawasaki Frontale, who are ranked 136th. Real Madrid is of course ranked 1st. These rankings are from this website. Interesting for you soccer fans out there.

Real Madrid winning the whole thing surprised no-one really, they are that good. What did surprise people was Auckland City from New Zealand being on the podium at the end. They beat Cruz Azul in a penalty shootout to get the third place medal. The ranking list I mentioned before has Auckland City sitting in 645th place. These guys are semi-professional. They have jobs outside of soccer, so to do so well against highly paid professional clubs was quite an achievement. You can read an interview of Ivan Vicelich, and find out how 'bronze is their gold'. Go New Zealand!!! Of course, rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand by a country mile - and the All Blacks are famous around the world.