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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

ウクライナー放射能漏れか、Facebookを通して兵士への資金集め、「 国境なき医師団」の懸念

Morning for my final post of the year. It is on Ukraine and talks about the situation with different things there. Have a look at the Ukraine Word List and YouTube clip to get you head around some vocab, then on with the stories. Remember that this blog is exactly the same as the YouTube above, so you can listen to me talking, and read along.

Here we go then. First up, and most concerning is the report of a radioactive leak at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. This is a bit of a worry, no? There is talk of a leak at the plant, which is Europe's largest. A media outlet called 'Life Newswire' leaked documents from the government department in charge which apparently showed reports of an accident and spikes in radiation. Ukraine steadfastly denies this, saying the situation is completely normal. Two things for me. First, Ukraine is the home of Chernobyl - and we all remember what a disaster that was. Second, the government is denying reports of a leak. I think we have seen that a bit closer to home in recent years. Worrying stuff.

Next up, Facebook is being used to help raise funds for equipment for Ukrainian soldiers. Basically, the soldiers tell a lass from an organisation called 'Help the army of Ukraine' what supplies they need. She goes and pops it up on Facebook, and people wire money for her to buy the stuff. She buys the stuff and people drive it in and give it to the soldiers directly. Supplies like body armour, night vision goggles, sleeping bags and food. Apparently the soldiers will go to this site before they will ask the army for stuff as it is more effective.  The first thing that sprung to my mind when I read this was the movie 'The Hunger Games' when sponsors sent in supplies for the contestants.

Finally, the extremely busy folk at Doctors without Borders are concerned about Ukraine next year. They had already had their largest deployment in 2014, and that was before the whole Ebola thing kicked off. Next year their main concerns are with Ukraine, as they think the situation will deteriorate; and with Nigeria and those nasty, nasty people from Boko Haram. The bravest of folk at Doctors without Borders. Putting their own safety on the line to help others.

I hope it all turns out right for Ukraine next year. Thank you for reading and interacting with Vocab Voyage this year. Stick around for the learning ride next year.