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Saturday, 20 December 2014


Everyone seemed to like it, so I am sticking with it. The YouTube above follows the text below, almost to the word. Enjoy. (and listen and check, listen and check)

Climate change. We know it is here. There are some who still deny it, but I think they are running out of arguments. How does it happen? Warmth comes from the sun, and gets trapped by the greenhouse gases instead of being reflected back into space. Everything gets warmer, polar caps start to melt, seas start to rise, and the weather gets ever nastier.
How can we change it though. Have a look at the Climate Change word list and YouTube to get into some vocab, then read on.

First up, the bubbles ships leave behind them as the move across the oceans. Scientists are investigating the idea that somehow making the bubbles smaller - using aerosol technology - can help reduce global warming.  If the bubbles are smaller, they reflect more sunlight/heat back to where it came from, thus reducing the warming effect. They even talk about ships with 'bubble generators' moving to particular areas, which may be able to change the weather for the better. Those crazy scientists. The very clever Japanese are already experimenting with bubble technology under ships to make them more streamlined and fuel efficient. Final fact from this story which I found a bit staggering - there are currently approximately 32,000 large ships sailing on the oceans. Madness.

Next, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UFC) are talking about Climate Change making some places have a limited future. They talk at length about Miami. I have been to Miami, and I assure you it is very low, and very flat. Many places that hold memories for people (churches, neighbourhoods etc) may be flooded out of existence. It finishes off talking about a 'Climate Change Bucket List', or places you have to go before they die. A bit depressing.

I am learning all sorts of things myself today. The temperature affects the performance of an aircraft taking off. The denser the air, the more effort it needs to get it's big, heavy, metal self up in the air. Hotter days, mean more weight restrictions. I never realised that when they are really mean about your bag being 2kg overweight, it may be because of the high temperature. Wow. They need solutions. Wings can't really be changed in shape as they are designed for cruising, where the airplane is most of the time. Two other options are longer runways, or moving flights to a cooler time of the day. One thing I am sure about - the airlines will find a way to charge us for it.