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Thursday, 25 December 2014


The YouTube clip above is almost the same as this blog - word for word. It's a transcription of the YouTube clip. Listen and read, listen and read.

Merry Christmas to you all. Have a look at the Christmas Word list and YouTube clip. Read the article linked at the top of the PDF to find the list words in the same order. Also find out about how a foreign guy made a lot of mistakes with his girlfriend at Christmas. Have a look at the YouTube clip to get some listening practice and further explanations going on. 

First up is an article about how Japan is one of the top places in the world to avoid Christmas. Some people don't like Christmas, and Japan seems to be a good place to avoid it. I kind of agree. Now that all the build over the last month - in the shops mainly - is over, Christmas day is here and it is kind of an anti-climax. If I was at home now it would be all on. It would be summer for a start. I would have gone to church with mum (dad only does weddings and funerals). I would have come back home and opened presents. Then a big Christmas lunch. Some people do lunch and some do dinner. We do lunch. That's just how we roll. Then I would have a sleep outside on the lawn in the afternoon if the weather was fine, and relax for the rest of the day. Here I am in Otaru, and my wife has gone to work at her office job. I am going to shovel snow then go into town to my mate's house for lunch. He is another kiwi bloke.

I am married to a Japanese woman, as many people from other parts of the world are. And it kind of presents problems around Christmas. As Christmas is such a big deal for us foreign guys, and not so much for our better halves (wives), there are different ideas about what Christmas should be about. (like in the story linked in the Word list). This article has a list of five things that Japanese women married to foreigners like least about Christmas overseas. And they are:

1. Christmas dinner issues. We love meat and cake and sauces and cream and sweets. The lovely Japanese ladies - not so much.
2. Choosing presents is a pain - That is the same wherever you go
3. Pushy present requests - What?! People send lists of presents they want? Whatever. I would hate that too. You get what you're given.
4. Wrapping presents - For sure. I went into Loft yesterday and loved the free wrapping. It isn't done so much, or so well overseas.
5. Getting stuck with presents you don't like - That is what the internet is for. You don't like it? Someone else may. Sell it to them. Just don't get caught.

Finally, Christmas for dogs. It is insane how well people take care of their dogs here in Japan. I know. We have a dog and he gets treated better than I do I sometimes think. An article all about doggie presents, cakes, onsens and heaps more.

Ok. Merry Christmas from Vocab Voyage. We look forward to bring you a whole lot more next year.